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Leyland Home Brew

The Bulldog Brewer

Here's a marvelous new system at a uniquely affordable price!

THE BULLDOG BREWER is a high quality all-in-one grain system for the serious amateur.

We have seen many similar systems before from Speidel, Grainfather and many others, but with price tags out of reach for most home brewers. The Bulldog Brewer has landed and will now revolutionize the home brewing of beer like never before!

Start with grains, crushed with the Bulldog Malt Mill, mix according to your recipe, then mash, lauter, sparge and cool - ALL with the Bulldog Brewer. Finally, transfer to a fermenter, add your beer yeast and transform to any beer type of your liking.

The sleek Bulldog Brewer with its stamped in logo, guaranteeing the Bulldog quality, is an impressive unit well worth being on display in your home. The list of fantastic features is long, matching and in some cases rivaling the high street brewers sold at twice the cost.